• The Royal Messenger

    The Royal Messenger

    In this newly updated series, we will take An ancient Near Eastern approach to investigate the history, context, and roles of the Messenger sent by the King. Read More

  • The Macro Temple of YHWH

    The Macro Temple of YHWH

    In the 4 Part Series, we will be presenting the evidence that the Bible is indeed a "Temple Text" Read More

  • The Kingdom Concept of Honor & Shame

    The Kingdom Concept of Honor & Shame

    In this 3 Hour Series on Kingdom Concept of Honor and Shame we will be investigating 6 main Elements to understanding the Biblical Concept of Honor & Shame in Scripture as well as in the ANE and First century Context. Read More

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Past Torah Portion -2015 Korach

In this torah portion Korach from 2015 we discussed Adonai's Riposte to Korach