We have added a Digital Download Store to the site for those who prefer to purchase the MP4 Video Files and MP3 Audio Files to watch or listen whenever they want. I will be continually adding audio and video files to the store from past teachings and future ones as well. You will see that you can get the downloads in several different formats, a single mp3 a full series mp3 zip file or single mp4's. The host of the store which is a company called Sellfy, cannot handle any files to upload beyond 2 GB which is why I can currently only offer the the videos one at a time. All of the videos are over 1 GB each usually. We have also incorporated this into the Ancient Covenants Facebook page as well. There you will see a Digital Store Tab that upon clicking it, it will also show up everything that is available. For those who are still wanting DVD's and CD's, please visit the Messianic Marketplace website!

Direct Link to the Sellfy ACM Store

Thank you.

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