Honor and Shame

The Kingdom Concept of Honor & Shame

In this 3 Hour Series on Kingdom Concept of Honor and Shame we will be investigating 6 main Elements to understanding the Biblical Concept of Honor & Shame in Scripture as well as in the ANE and First century Context. I pray that this series will help us to grow as the Body seeking to glorify YHWH and His Kingdom.

biblical concept of honor&shame Power Point Resource. Part 1-1

Part 1-2

Part 2-1

Part 2-2

Part 3-1

Part 3-2


+1 #1 Kimberly Callahan 2016-04-09 20:44
I found a YouTube video on riposte in fencing in order to get a more solid understanding of the term. It was very interesting in that he contrasted a riposte with a counter-attack. It seemed to me that the riposte was indeed a more honorable response than a counter-attack because part of the ripost is to block the challenge--to address it--whereas in the counter attack, one simply avoids the challenge and attacks back.


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