The Concept of Ma'al(2013)

The Concept of Ma'al, Investigating Biblical Trespass(2013)

This is a series that I did back in 2013 and decided to share it due to the severity of the topic. Video One Concept Block

Why ma'al or trespass is so important?

Why there has to be a Tribulation?

Who is the Tribulation for?

In this Concept Block, we will give the short answers to these questions and more to help us learn what our KING requires of us as we are walking in Covenant with HIM. In Parts 2 and 3 as well if possible as we will go further in depth and detail to the 2 Categories of MA'AL.

Video 2 Sancta Trespass

In this teaching we will focus on the first category of ma'al which is "Sancta Trespass".

Have you ever wondered...

What is included in the Sancta of YHWH?

How do the Nations commit ma'al against YHWH's Sancta?

How can YHWH bring a "Covenant Lawsuit " against Nations that are not in "Covenant" with Him?

What does it mean when Elohim declares "Holy War?

How does this concept affect us during the Tribulation? We will go thru these questions and more in Part 2 of this series. We will quickly soon discover how much the Matrix of Ma'al is integrated all through out Scripture. This teaching we will maintain our focus strictly on when the "Nations commit Sancta Trespass"against YHWH and then in Part 3 touch on when Israel commits both Categories of Sancta Trespass and Oath Violation.

Video 3 Oath Violation

In this video wee will finish up the series on understanding the Concept of Ma'al (trespass) in its proper context of the Ancient Near East in Scripture. This 3rd and final video deals with the second Category of "OATH VIOLATION". Ladies and Gentlemen my desire in this teaching is to share my heart and encourage all of us to please make the stand for YHWH OUR Suzerain, please make the stand for OUR Vassal King Yeshua the Messiah, please make the stand for OUR Covenant, OUR People and OUR Land. I pray that once we realize that these concepts are found in history and Scripture, we will see the severity of our actions today and begin to focus more on repentance and being the Ambassadors of the KING

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