Gospel of John

The Gospel of John

The Gospel of John

Introduction Hour to the Gospel of John.

This first hour we will just be highlighting the groups of the first century , the cultural areas and 4 major themes that will be the focus through out the Gospel. There will many other topics that arise in each chapter, but I want to be able to focus on the 4 Main Themes you will hear in the video..

Honor and Shame The Macro-Temple of YHWH Justice and Righteousness The Royal Messenger of the KING

We now have an incredible opportunity to take all the areas of the ancient near east, the first century and ways of ancient covenant that we have spent the last 3 years focusing on, and incorporate all of it into the writing of John and present a clear, concise and culturally accurate gospel in context. It is my hope and prayer that we will be able to learn and understand the "Office of Messiah" more clearly and be able to witness to all that He, Yeshua is indeed the Prince of the Face. The Son of the Living Elohim YHWH. And if we focus on the context, rather than the "scholarly", then we will see that Yeshua fills every role and every status of ancient culture that brings Honor and Glory to YHWH.

I pray that you will find this extensive study series to be a blessing.

The Gospel of John Chapter 1

1.The Cosmic Messiah and His Connection to The Macro Temple of YHWH in the Cosmos.

2.The Ascribed Honor of “The Son of Elohim” and Yeshua’s Greater genealogy.

3.The Honor Status attached to all the Roles of Yeshua in Chapter One

The Gospel of John-Chapter One Powerpoint

The Gospel of John Chapter 2

Have you ever wondered...

Why Yeshua chose the Wedding at Cana to be the location of His First Miracle?

Why He chose the first miracle of turning water into wine?

Why does this chapter go from the first miracle right into Yeshua overturning the tables in the Temple Complex-The House of the King?

In Chapter one we discussed 6 Roles of Honor that were ascribed to Yeshua. In this hour we will focus on two of those, The Son of Elohim, and the King of Israel and link these roles of honor to the topics above.

I pray that this study will give all of us a much clearer understanding to our Messiah Yeshua.

The Gospel of John Chapter 2 Power Point

The Gospel of John Chapter 3

In this Chapter, we will introduce a new aspect to Honor and Shame Culture. That of what is known as the perception of "Limited Good". This concept of Limited Good in Scripture and ancient society is too prevalent to not discuss on an in depth basis. It is so embedded that I am convinced it is as much a focal point in the social model as Honor and Shame

 I will be working on covering this topic in a stand alone series by itself soon.  I pray that this chapter teaching is a blessing.


1. Nicodemus visits Yeshua    “The Interview”

2. Eternal/Everlasting Life Grant

3. John’s Disciples vs. Yeshua’s Disciples..."He Must Increase, I must Decrease".

The Gospel of John Chapter 4 In this Chapter we will discuss the cultural concept of Patronage and its backdrop to the meeting of Yeshua with the Samaritan woman, as well as the Royal Official seeking out Yeshua to heal his son.

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