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"The Everlasting Gospel" Modern Day Application and the "Broker"

I am currently in the process of putting together the power point for an upcoming teaching and series entitled "The Everlasting Gospel" The Perception of Limited Good in the New Testament World. So Check this out.

Take a look at the highlighted part of this snippet from the Social Science Commentary on the Book of John.

One of the roles of a Broker was that of providing access to the Patron in which the Broker served. The Brokers also controlled the resources and goods that that the Patron had to offer his clients. If a Broker was sent on behalf of the Patron, you could not bypass the Broker. What I find extremely interesting is the fact that Yeshua sends out, commissions the Talmidim to go out and reach the lost and make more talmidim in the position of a broker. Why? Because they, and you have the knowledge and access of the services and goods that the Patron has to offer.

What is it that He offers?

Eternal Life



Abundant Blessing.



Remember who the "poor" and "lost" are in context. Those who have fallen from their inherited status and need a patron to get them back to their original status.


The Needy

The Orphan

The Widow

The Sinner

The Leper etc.

Yeshua is that Broker who has restored us, Israel and all of Mankind back to the original inherited status intended by the Creator.

People may pose the question of why do you guys study this ancient covenant stuff? We live in the 21st Century. How is this applicable to me today?

This post is why everyone.

Context. The idea and Kingdom Principle of what The Everlasting Gospel" is and means is absolutely applicable and fundamental to your life and mine.

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