For this is the covenant I shall make with the house of Israel after those days, declares יהוה : I shall put My Torah in their inward parts, and write it on their hearts. And I shall be their Elohim, and they shall be My people.“ - Jeremiah 31:33

Daniel McGirr has been teaching the Ancient Covenantal context of the Messianic faith since 2011.

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War for the Kingdom of God

War for the Kingdom

The Six Day war I believe was a shadow, or a picture in the earthly realm of the ongoing greater battle that has been occurring for thousands of years in the Heavenly realm.
Everlasting Love of God


As long as I have breath, I will continue to hammer, to chisel, to tear down the idea of classification of citizens in the KING's Kingdom. Why?
Honor in the ancient world

Honor, Wealth and the Land

Loss of Land equates to Loss of Wealth, Loss of Wealth equates to Loss of Honor in ancient culture. So when a king was conquered by another, his honor and wealth are diminished due to his losses.